A common question I get asked is “how to take quality photos with my phone“.  It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone, Droid or Lumia, you have a camera and you take it everywhere you go.

Now some people still don’t believe that a camera on a phone is a real camera.  However a good photo is a good photo, regardless of the device that you use.

By understanding what the strengths and weaknesses of your phones camera and following these 7 tips you will be on your way to taking high quality photos.  Photos that you will be proud to share with your friends and family 🙂

Just remember it is not as simple as pointing and shooting at your subject. These days it is not that difficult to take high quality photos and edit them on all on the phone.

How to take Quality Photos with your Phone

1) Know your camera

Like any camera you have to get used to its characteristics.  Take photos, try with different angles, lighting, and settings.  Don’t just use the auto mode in the camera app.

Get to understand what you can control and use your control over the focus, exposure, white balance and ISO settings to improve the overall quality of your photos.

2) Get close to your subject

how to take good photos by yourself

Get up close to your subject

Its easy to stand back and just take pictures of your subject at a distance, but if you want a photo which pops you have to get in close to your subject.  If you are too far away from your subject, you end up with  a small unrecognisable figure lost in a meaningless background.

Get up close to your subject and fill the screen, yes it will mean that you have to move closer but it will give you a much better photo.  DON’T think about using the digital zoom, it will only reduce the image quality.

3) Focus on a single subject

You will find that often the best photos will only have a single subject.  This way you remove the distractions from the photo and let the viewers eye focus on the single interesting subject.

Take you time, tap the screen to ensure that the camera is focusing on the subject.  A Pro tip is to ensure that the subject does not fill the whole screen, leave some space so that the subject stands out.

4) Rule of thirds

how to take good photos on a smartphone

Improve your composition with the Rule of Thirds

Just because you are using a phone camera doesn’t mean that you can forget about the “Rule of Thirds”.  Often your natural inclination will be to put the subject into the centre of the photo, overcome this desire and use the “Rule of Thirds” it will make a significant difference to you photo.

The key to taking high quality photos is how you compose your photo.  The “Rule of Thirds” is the easiest technique to employ with your phone camera.  Most phones will have a setting where you can get the “Rule of Thirds” grid up on your screen making it easy to employ.

5) Take photos with people

how to take good photos with iphone

Take photos with people in the frame

Often what looks appealing to the naked eye, doesn’t translate well into a photo off your phone.  Be it a sunset over a beach or a beautiful forrest, put some people into the shot.

This will give the photo a sense of place and scale.  Making the photo’s more memorable and personal at the same time.

6) Clean the lens

This is an easy one to overlook.  With a normal camera we have a lens cap or cover which protects the lens when we are not using the camera.  With a phone camera, the lens is exposed to the environment all the time.

how to take good photos with a phone

Remember to clean the lens regularly

Now the manufacturers have done an amazing job at making the lens scratch resistant, but this doesn’t stop dirt and smudges getting on the lens.  Before you start taking photos, give the lens a quick wipe with a cleaning cloth.  It could make a world of difference in the quality of the final photo.

7) Remember the light

The rules around lighting when using a phone camera are the same as if you are using a normal camera.  You don’t want the light directly behind your subject unless you are looking to capture the subjects silhouette.

Wherever possible use natural lighting, it will make the environs look more welcoming, food more appetising and facial expressions more cheerful.  Having the light come from the side of the subject will also provide more texture and depth to the photo.

Do you take a lot of photos with your phone? Have you used any of these tips or do you have a tip of your own?  Leave a comment below and tell us all about it.

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