A common theme you will find through my travel photo tips and tricks articles is the recommendation to use a tripod.  A tripod is an essential piece of equipment to help you take that memorable photo. However for me the best lightweight travel tripod is the 3 Legged Thing Punks Tripod.  This is the travel tripod that I have in my kit bag and the Corey model is the latest edition.

Wait, I can hear it already, we travelling on holidays and don’t have room in our luggage for a heavy tripod.  Totally understandable, particularly if you have to fly to your destination, thankfully there are a number of manufactures which make lightweight travel tripods.

Now you can spend hundreds if not a thousand dollars on a high end carbon fibre travel tripod.  This is not the case with the 3 Legged Thing Punks Corey Tripod, as you will find in this review.

3 Legged Thing Punks Corey Tripod

best lightweight travel tripod3 Legged Thing Punks Corey TripodProduct: 3 Legged Thing Punks Corey Tripod
Price:  $199.00 (retail)
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
Size of Container: 1500g / 3.4lb
Guarantee: 5 Year Full Warranty
My Rating: 9 out of 10

3 Legged Thing Punks Corey Tripod, Product Overview

photography tripod reviewsWhen I am packing for a trip, one of the first items which go in the bag is my travel tripod.  The 3 Legged Thing Punks Corey Tripod, is perfect for travellers.  Weighing only 1.5kg (3.4lb) its not going to weigh down your luggage, and taking up only 35cm (13.7 inches) when it is folded down.  This is one small, but versatile tripod.

Able to support up to 14kg (significantly more than any camera you will be travelling with).  Fitted with an Airhead Neo ball head, with quick release, for solid and stable panning.  The Corey also has a detachable leg which can be used as a monopod or selfie stick, providing a versatile option for you when you are on the go.

I am going to be walking you through some of my personal “favorite” aspects of the 3 Legged Thing Punks Corey Tripod within this review.


travel photography tips and tricksThe 3 Legged Thing Punks Corey Tripod is constructed from a Magnesium Alloy, providing a lightweight tripod which is packed with features.  Build quality is exceptional.

As a travel tripod it functionality and capability extends from its working height of 1475 mm (58 inches) to its ability to fold down into an incredibly compact 350mm (13.67 inches) for storage.  Unsurprisingly the tripod can be set up so the camera is only 10.2cm (4 inches) from the ground.

Each leg is made up of 5 sections, and the central column 2 sections, with a twist lock system for each section featuring a rubber grip.  The legs have three preset angles of 23°, 55° & 80°.

Ball Head

travel photography equipmentThe AirHed Neo Ball Head, included with the tripod, is ultra compact.  Featuring a single knob to control both the ball and panning movements. A second smaller knob locks the attachment plate.

The ball head is smooth and easy to operate, locking in place with minimal effort.

Monopod Leg

The feature which attracted me to the 3 Legged Thing’s Tripod range in the first place.  Often when you are travelling you don’t have the time to set up your tripod, but a monopod gives you the necessary support to get that shot.

The tripod has a detachable leg which can be used as a monopod or a selfie stick.  The ball head can connect to the leg, providing easy camera mounting.  Further extending the tripods versatility and convenience.

Ease of Use

travel photography equipmentThe biggest problem with your traditional tripod, is that they are heavy and cumbersome to lug around.  If you plan a day of exploring on foot that is the last thing you want or need.  At 1.5 kg (3.4 lb) in weight and only 35cm (13.7 inches) when folded up, with the option to only taking the monopod leg (which is significantly lighter), the 3 Legged Thing Punks Corey Tripod is not a burden.

I find that the tripod can be set up quite quickly, without fuss and is secure. At times it can be a little light, but you can hang your camera bag or other weight off the centre column, providing that little bit extra on windy days. The ball head is very secure and is easy to adjust.  The quick release works as advertised.

The only negative you may have, is that when it is at full height 1475 mm (58 inches) you may have to bend to use your camera.  For me this is an acceptable tradeoff for the weight and compact folded up size of the tripod.


Conclusion – the best lightweight travel tripod is…

When I am travelling (and quite often when I’m not) the The 3 Legged Thing Punks Tripod is my tripod of choice.  While at $199.00 this is not a cheap tripod.  However the quality of the construction, lightweight nature and incredibly strong design, make ideal for anyone who needs a tripod while travelling.

If you are planning to travel soon or need a lightweight tripod, I highly recommend that you pick up your own 3 Legged Thing Punks Corey Tripod.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about the 3 Legged Thing Punks Corey Tripod  or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.



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